In a time when national politics overshadow local politics more than ever, how can we increase voter turnout in local elections? This need led to the creation of Vocal, a nonpartisan organization shifting the perception of local politics from apathy to excitement. Our team created Vocal's branding, campaign, and online voter guide to help communities get to know their candidates and issues.

For the visual system, we wanted to distance ourselves from the traditional red, white, and blue typically connected with national politics. Taking visual cues from screenprinting commonly associated with grassroots movements, we created an adaptable system that emphasizes the local color of the community in a bold and fun way. Depending on where the posters are located, key messaging about certain landmarks or locations can be tailored. 

The online voter guide was designed as a customizable experience to make the information more palatable for those who would be intimidated by the amount typically offered by other voter guide sites. The site tracks your progress and gives you the option to autofill the remainder of your ballot based on your previously inputted positions then sends the custom ballot to print or saved to phone.