Nike Loop

Loop is a new kind of personalized shopping experience developed as a concept proposal for Nike. Working closely with the Gemini team, I helped lay out the experience principles, primary navigation, content, and visual design of the cross-platform app. Nike Loop works to couple products with digital and physical exclusives to create lasting brand loyalty. 


The Gemini Society


Like Nike, the Loop experience does not conform to one brand, sport, or lifestyle. The app showcases the full spectrum of Nike products and experiences, through personalized shops and opportunities.

Shop curations reflect a user’s interest in the Nike ecosystem. Shops and related exclusives are chosen based on favorite designers, athletes, Nike technology and more.

The shopping experience goes beyond the point of purchase. In addition to instant gratification, opportunities to join Nike’s inner circle are presented through personalized exclusives.

 We also integrated emerging bot technology into the experience to concept a personalized shopping assistant that would learn about the needs and preferences of the user with use.