Dog + Bone

As a new company entering the already-crowded dog product market, Dog + Bone has enjoyed rare success early on by standing out from the crowd with their bold style and unbeatable quality. Their commitment to creating a better product also applies to their business practices, as they strive to be a more responsible, inspiring brand. Our team at the Gemini Society was tasked to update their brand to align more with their future mission as they move towards expanding the company. This project is a work-in-progress and reflects the first stage of my design/strategy exploration.

Dog + Bone

The Gemini Society


Our first step was to elevate the brand by working with the client to establish their core beliefs and mission statement. We decided to focus on a previously overlooked element of the brand—the plus sign—and use this as a key part of the visual and written language. The brand voice is confident, active, and inspiring to reflect the newly-defined core values of Dog + Bone. Our client also wanted a logomark, which I explored in my designs below. 

I also created some digital sketches to represent some of my ideas for new features on the website and a rebranding of their product identity.